San Juan School District

Where in the World is the Tonsk Report?

What is the location and the theme of the April Tonsk Report?

Be the first to watch the Tonsk Report and correctly identify the theme, location, and special message of the Tonsk Report and win the prize!

Winner: Sharon Jay from Montezuma Creek Preschool!
Theme: Parent advocates – how Anne Bancroft successfully advocated for her son with dyslexia before dyslexia was even recognized.
Location: Tse’bii’nidzisgai Elementary School Hogan.
Special Message: Remember to be that teacher or paraeducator who helps parents be true partners in the IEP process.


Special Education Employee of the Month

Colleen Burningham is our Special Education Employee of the Month for April 2018.

Colleen Burningham is a Special Education Paraeducator at Albert R. Lyman Middle School. Congratulations to Colleen for all her hard work. Enjoy your parking spot while it lasts!

Special Education Tip of the Month – A Word to the Wise

San Juan Special Education – It’s a Magical Place! 

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” – Walt Disney…and, of course, Walt is magical!  So fight back when life kicks you in the teeth!

Special Education Trivia

April Question: There are some recent additions under Special Education Services on the Service and Placement page in PowerIEP.  What are these new additions?  Try to find the answer without Googling it!
  • Answer: To be revealed…
  • And the winner is…

This is our ongoing game.  If you know the answer to the trivia question, please respond to me via email at  The first person to respond with the correct answer will receive the prize.  The monthly trivia question may pertain to anything.