San Juan School District

Where in the World is the Tonsk Report?

What is the location and the theme of the April 2019 Tonsk Report?

Be the first to watch the Tonsk Report and correctly identify the theme, location, and special message of the Tonsk Report and win the prize!

Winner: Kd Perkins and Kathleen Pakish!
Theme: Star Wars – The Greatest Movie Series of All Time!
Location: Yadhira Rice’s Classroom at Monticello Elementary School!
Special Message: May the Force Be With You!


Special Education Employee of the Month

Molly Clayson is our Special Education Employee of the Month for May 2019.

Molly is a Special Education Teacher at Monticello Elementary School and Monticello High School.  Congratulations to Molly for all her hard work. Enjoy your parking spot while it lasts!

Special Education Tip of the Month – A Word to the Wise

San Juan Special Education – We are the Wizards of Oz! 

“Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” • Chief Justice Earl Warren…and, of course, Earl Warren is Wizardly!

Special Education Trivia

May Question: What is the origin of using Mayday as a distress call?
  • Answer: Mayday, an international radio distress signal used especially by ships and aircraft, has amore linguistic origin than the pragmatic approach of S.O.S.  Although a connection to the month of May might seem likely, it is actually an anglicization of the French m’aidez or m’aider, meaning ‘help me’.  It is believed to have been chosen in 1923 by Frederick Stanley Mockford, a senior radio officer in London’s Croydon Airport. The earliest example in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), according to current research, is from an article in the British newspaper The Times, which notes that Mayday is chosen in preference to S.O.S. “owing to the difficulty of distinguishing the letter ‘S’ by telephone”.
  • And the winner is Lisa Christensen from BES!
This is our ongoing game.  If you know the answer to the trivia question, please respond to me via email at  The first person to respond with the correct answer will receive the prize.  The monthly trivia question may pertain to anything.